Blackbelt Club

All American Blackbelt Club

Your Commitment to Excellence!

Membership in the All American Black Belt Club opens up a whole new world for your growth as a martial artist.  By fully utilizing your privileges of membership, you will accelerate your learning, strengthen the personal development attributes inherent in training at this level, and most of all, move into the inner circle of your school.  Martial arts is an exciting activity that has a powerful impact on the lives of its practitioners.  However, that impact is in direct proportion to the level of personal commitment the student makes to earning a black belt.


Congratulations to Kaitlynne Allen on her promotion to Jr. Black Belt!

How Important are These Traits to You?

  • High personal standards
  • High levels of self confidence
  • Razor sharp focus and concentration skills
  • Secure
  • Atmosphere of respect and courtesy
  • Intense levels of self discipline and self control
  • Finish Jobs
  • Healthy and coordinated
  • Leaders
  • Strong value on contribution and service to others

Benefits the Black Belt Club Offers

  • Lowest possible tuition with NO rate increases
  • May attend UNLIMITED karate classes at NO extra charge
  • Quarterly private class or progress check (upon request) NO extra charge
  • Special All American Black Belt Club Patch
  • 10% off pro-shop purchases and special seminars/events
  • Opportunity to wear white, blue, or black uniforms
  • Pride & prestige of belonging to a select group of martial artists since membership is possible only through recommendation of the instructor