Clyde Stanley’s classes are always evolving to include the most effective techniques and training methods on the planet.

I’ve always considered myself a student first and a teacher second.  My wife, Trish and I regularly train with the many of the top fighters and trainers in the world. We bring everything we learn back to Minden and share with our students. ~ Sensei Stanley

Even though many of our students only train to get in shape or lose weight, we still make sure they learn correct and proper technique. For example, we learned boxing from a former professional boxer and current trainer of pro fighters.  We have trained with the originators of Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu.  Our Muay Thai instructors actually trained in Thailand from world champions.  We teach practically every move that you see in the UFC matches without the danger.

Listed below are a few answers to common questions about our school:

Q.  Are the classes safe?

A.Get fit without getting hit” is a motto we like to use. Students learn proper footwork, timing, and striking by hitting focus mitts, Muay Thai pads, shields, and heavy bags instead of each other.

Q.  What kinds of people attend your classes?

A.  We have housewives, doctors, teachers, bankers, business owners, college students, law enforcement professionals, and everything in between.

Q. Why do most people join your classes?

A. There are a variety of reasons that may include:

Some want to get in shape and lose weight.  We’ve had great success in that area. Martial arts is fitness with a purpose. No more riding the treadmill to nowhere!

Some want to learn practical and effective self-defense skills.  Even federal agents and black belts from around the country travel to Clyde Stanley’s Martial Arts to learn our secrets.

Some are looking for a stress relief.  Nothing can reduce stress more than our martial arts class. Students tell us our classes are like a mini-vacation and they always feel better than before they came!

Some want to have fun and meet new friends in a positive environment and family atmosphere. Here, everyone is treated like family and encouraged to be the best they can be. In these days of computers, computer games,  Facebook, Twitter, and cable television it is important to be able to surround yourself with positive thinking, high quality, encouraging people while enjoying a healthy, active lifestyle.

Some want to gain the confidence and self-esteem that comes from being able to defend themselves.  Bullies tend to pick on easy targets and the weak.  They can sense fear.  The skill, knowledge, and confidence gained from our classes works like a bully repellant.

Clyde Stanley’s Martial Arts is more than a place for fitness and social activity. It is a place designed        to promote personal growth and enhance character development.

Q.  Am I too old?

A.  No, martial arts can be practiced in one way or another for your entire life. Every student is different and everyone trains at their own pace in class.

Q.  Do I need to lose weight or get in better shape before I show up for class?

A.  Absolutely not, unless you have a medical condition that would require a doctor’s release. Our students come in all shapes, and sizes.

Q.  Will I be in a class with kids?

A.  No. We have separate classes for children.

Q.  What are the children’s classes like?

A.  They are very structured and everyone participates.  No “bench sitters” here!

Q. Will I have to learn katas or forms?

A.  No. We no longer do those during regular classes.

Q.  Will I have to compete in tournaments?

A.  No. it is not required, but is available to those so inclined.

Q.  I used to take martial arts, but my teacher closed his school and left me hanging.  How do I know you won’t do the same?

A. That is a fantastic questionWe have heard this story time and time again! There have been dozens of “Karate Schools” in Minden.  Clyde Stanley’s Martial Arts has been here longer than all the others combined.  We love what we do and are having way too much fun to ever quit!