It is hard to believe that this high of quality martial arts school is right here in Minden, Louisiana.  Master Stanley’s knowledge and love of martial arts is evident throughout his classes

Amazing kids mixed martial arts class not only teaches kids self defense, but gives them the tools they need for success in life.


Enrolling my sons at Clyde Stanley’s Martial Arts is the best thing that I have done for them as a parent.  My sons have learned self discipline and values that I believe will last them a lifetime. The physical fitness aspect of martial arts has changed their lives.  Instead of sitting around, my children now lead very active lives and I attribute it to the principles instilled at Clyde Stanley’s Martial Arts.  What better gift could I give my children than self confidence and a healthy lifestyle?” ~ Bryan Flynn (Father of Jack and Matt)

…Sensei Stanley cross trains in many systems including, Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, San Soo, Judo, Catch-Wrestling,  boxing and was a charter member of the “American Freestyle Grappling Association”.  He holds master ranks in Karate, Ju-Jitsu, and Sen-I Jutsu and the co-founder of Half-Circle Ju-Jitsu

“Throughout the years many things have changed for me; my friends, styles, music, and so on.  There has only been one constant in my life, martial arts.  It’s nice to have martial arts there as my foundation in life.  I’ve practically grown up in Clyde Stanley’s dojo and no matter what’s happening in my life, I will always have a home away from home.” ~ Colin Clark (Student)

Call us TODAY and mention our internet special and we will schedule a complimentary trial class for your child.  318.377.5333